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What do dog-related phrases mean?

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What do dog-related phrases mean?

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Words and phrases containing dogs (Gou in Chinese) are commonly used by young people when cracking jokes about themselves.


For example, in Mandarin, you can say "Valentine’s Day has nothing to do with me since I am a single dog."


Overtime dog is another title frequently referred to those who work long hours.


It is believed that words and phrases like these containing humor and self-deprecation ease the stigma attached to dog-related words.


Representation of close relationship


Adding "dog" to a friend’s name can also be considered as a proof of a close relationship.


One of the most prominent examples in China is that of the actor Lin Gengxin, who is called Lin Gou - Chinese for Lin Dog - by his celebrity friends and beloved fans.


Easy to raise


Children with amiable names are easy to bring up, according to an ancient Chinese proverb.


Parents in rural areas prefer to give nicknames including Gou Sheng and Gou Dan to their children in the hope that they are as easy to be fostered as dogs.





Since dogs are considered to be loyal and diligent, the word is included in more than 10 Chinese metaphors.


For instance, "serve like a dog or a horse," is used to describe someone who is ready to render his humble services to the authorities.


Dogs don’t bark to their owners is an idiom usually adopted to represent the loyalty of ministers to their monarchs.


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