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Which Cities In The World Have You Been To?

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Which Cities In The World Have You Been To? I

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The friendliest city: Singapore

The world’s most welcoming city? According to a new ranking, it’s not free-spirited New Orleans, hip Berlin or sociable Stockholm, but a place where chewing gum is banned and eating or drinking on the metro can result in a hefty fine. It’s Singapore.


The Asian city state pipped the Swedish capital to the top spot not for its stringent rules but rather its safe environment, efficient and ultramodern airport and willingness to host tourists.


Third place went to Helsinki and fourth place to San Francisco.


The most crowds of cities: Bangladesh, Dhaka

Dhaka has a population of 16,235,000, which works out at 114,300 per square mile. It's not on many travel itineraries, however, being a regular on the Economist Intelligence Unit's annual ranking of the world's "least liveable cities" (it came 2nd in 2014). Space is getting even tighter - it's also among the world's 20 fastest growing.


Second place goes to Hyderabad, Pakistan (106,800 per square mile), and third place to Vijayawada, India (80,700 per square mile).


The most densely populated: Chongqing, Guangzhou, Tokyo

It's a difficult one to pinpoint, as there are different ways of measuring. Sources suggest the largest "city proper" (ie. the single political jurisdiction which contains the historical city centre) is Chongqing, with 30.16m, the largest "urban area" is Tokyo, with 36.9m, while the largest "metropolitan area" is Guangzhou, with 44.3m.


By comparison, those figures for London are 8.8m, 9.8m and 13.9m.


The highest consumption city: Singapore

The Economist Intelligence Unit’s Worldwide Cost of Living Survey assessed more than 150 different purchases in 133 cities around the world to determine where budget travelers should go - and where they should avoid.


The Far East and Western Europe dominate the upper end of the table. Singapore, which has topped the charts for four consecutive years, is followed by Hong Kong, while Zurich and two Japanese cities - Tokyo and Osaka - complete the top five. Seoul, Geneva, Paris and Copenhagen also featured in the top 10.


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