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World's Top Ten New Year Countdown Resorts

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World's Top Ten New Year Countdown Resorts

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1.The United States Las Vegas 

Turned the whole city into a big party. There are fireworks, audio-visual performances, and countless bars for you to stroll around! Hundreds of thousands of people are coming to the streets, and parties will be more wild.

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2.Paris Champs Elysees

Starting at nine on New Year's Eve, the street will be filled with people who come from all over France to celebrate. With the Eiffel Tower in the background, the wonderful fireworks show will be staged. Usually at the end of the Champs-Elysees, a Ferris wheel is erected in the Concord Square, silhouetted against the lights on both sides of the boulevard.

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3.Monument Square, Bangkok, Thailand

In Bangkok, we can enjoy the Asian-style New Year celebration, and it's a great choice to come here with friends. And Thais celebrate three new Years from January to April: Western, Chinese and Thai.

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4. London Eye Fireworks Show

What better place than London to Countdown to the new year by the most standard GMT? London's landmark London Eye is a giant Ferris wheel, with nearly 1 million people watching the big fireworks show at the end of last year.

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5.Shibuya, Tokyo

Tokyo Shibuya is the new generation of Asian youth, the countdown will be held outside the railway station, there are countless bars and clubs nearby to explore-if you like the lively, this new Year's party can not be missed. But if you want a more traditional New year, the Meiji Palace will be a good place to go.

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6.Brandes, Berlin, Germany

If you're not crazy about New Year's parties in Paris or London, go to Berlin! Millions of people will gather at Brandes's New Year's party, with fireworks, music, disco, global cuisine, and, of course, German beer, which is tailor-made for fanatical party molecules!

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7. France Street, New Orleans, USA

New Orleans's French street is the local people's favorite party resort, the rich bohemian amorous feelings to linger. The bar and café have real musicians and a band to brighten your eyes, and it's possible to see some interesting local customs.

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8.Sydney Port, Australia

Sydney is one of the first cities in the world to celebrate the new year. Although it is also a firework show, the Port of Sydney does occupy a favorable and favorable geographical positions. The celebrations began one o'clock in the afternoon and continued into the early morning of New Year's Day. And in the southern hemisphere it is summer, do not wrap themselves up, can be a year!

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9.New York Time Square

Time Square has the world's most famous carnival event, the countdown to the new year can be said that the Earth people know. Millions of people go to the scene every year, and more than tens of thousands of people watch it on television. Because it is too famous, it has even become a cultural symbol, some people feel that life must not go through once.

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10.RIO de Janeiro Copacabana Beach

New Year's meeting in Brazil maybe we are not quite familiar with it, but the degree of fiery is not lost in all the foregoing. , beaches, fireworks, carnival ... 2 million of people will be on the four-kilometer beach, the ultimate New Year's party that cannot be missed.

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