Prevent Your Boat from Damage of Mother Nature

Prevent Your Boat from Damage of Mother Nature

A great idea to prevent your boat from damage.

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Melors EVA decking is one of the least glamorous items you’ll consider for your boat. But a good decking is one of the best investments you can make for your boat’s long-term looks and condition. Why? Mother Nature is one cruel mama. Leave your boat uncovered and her harsh UV rays will fade and weather your treasured boat in no time. Her rains and storms will only add insult to injury.


A good decking can prevent all that, but it’s not as simple as buying the cheapest alternative available and cover your boat. Opt for a bargain all-purpose decking and you may protect the outside of your boat, but find that, its non-breathable fabric turns the environment inside into a welcome home for mildew and condensation. Cheap decking also won’t hold up long term to on-the road tow duty. Seams will rip and flapping material can damage your boat's pristine finish.


Our Melors EVA decking material provide several advantages compare to other decking material:

Safety: We make them non slip to make sure you can stand and walk safely on your boat. Meanwhile the material is also Eco-friendly and no harmful to human compare to PVC.

Comfort: It is softer than other marine flooring mat materials. Unlike wood or fiberglass, it is always an enjoy when you stand on it no matter in the heat or cold.

Durability: Our marine flooring mat is able to handle harsh weather, wind, rain, pooling water. And the color will not fade easily in strong sunlight.

Elegant and Customized Outlook: We provide several colors to match your boat, and the brushed or embossed texture will make the marine mat elegant.

Easy Installation and Cleaning: The adhesive back side make installation so easy, you can install them by yourself. And it is also easy to clean just like clean your boat deck using water and soap.


There is no doubt that, Melors EVA decking can prevent your boat from damage of mother nature.


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