The Development of Yachts

The Development of Yachts

Some knowledge of the development of yacht.

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As early as the Chinese Tang Dynasty, the Northern and Southern Dynasties of the Chinese people invented by the artificial step on the wooden wheel, known as the "car", "wheel Ke".

In 1872, yacht became a rental of the furnishings, and later the introduction of yacht production in Taiwan, achieved good results. In the 21st century, the development of China's economy has caught the world's attention. With the rising of the quality of life, people began to pursue higher grade and higher quality of lifestyle. The yacht movement was gradually recognized by people. As a typical exotic, this new trend not only caused some high-income people's attention. But also for many cities to develop new service industry has brought unprecedented opportunities. Although there are already some domestic yacht club in the country, but because of the consumption conditions, natural conditions and the relevant laws and regulations lag, the domestic investment institutions know little about these new things. How to set up and operate the yacht club is still a little-known area.


Western countries:

In 1660, the British Charles II inherited the throne, the United Kingdom has the world's first fine workmanship, a yacht meaning the royal hunting fishing boats. The nobility and the rich are competing to boast.

In 1807, the American Robert Fulton built the world's first steam-powered ship.

After the first industrial revolution, the British installed the steam engine and propeller on the yacht.

At the beginning of the 20th century, due to the development of glass fiber reinforced plastic materials in the yacht construction technology and the decline in production costs, FRP yacht began to enter the market, all modern industrial new power machines are used in the yacht, and even use the wind of the ancient sailing also equipped Low-power motors and automatic navigation of the driving equipment.

In the mid-20th century, after the Second World War, Western developed countries in the tertiary industry derived from the yacht club, in solving the problem of yacht parking, the yacht industry has been more vigorous development.

Now the Western countries almost all the most advanced technology products equipped to the yacht. The construction of yacht materials can be used almost all, the yacht is the world's second only after the private plane of high-end walking play tools. In today's Europe, North America and Australia, yachts are already a tool for people to have a weekend getaway and recreation.

According to the international standard yacht specifications are calculated in feet, from the size of the size is divided into three: 36 feet below the small yacht, 36-60 feet for the medium yacht, 60 feet above the large luxury yacht. There are small boats (below 6 meters), small yachts (between 6 and 10.5 meters), medium yachts (10.5 to 18 meters), large yachts (18 meters above). Large luxury yacht in the scale of 35 to 40 meters, 41 to 44 meters, 45 to 49 meters, 50 to 54 meters and 55 to 60 meters five grades.


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