What do You Need To Know When Travel by Cruise?

What do You Need To Know When Travel by Cruise?

The Six Point Should Be Know When Travel by Cruise

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1. Will be boring travel by cruise? Cruise not only can be move also quiet. If you take the cruise just to see the sea, then quietly and the sea as a partner, if not, that cruise on the arrangements for your activities can be described as colorful, everything. Do not have to say, swimming, music, movies, fitness, a variety of themes Party, and the ship there are various types of lectures, such as flower arrangement, Bartending, so that you can learn things on the road.


2. Will cruise on the cruise? In general, cruise travel is safer. The biggest potential disaster of the cruise is the fire, the passengers should pay attention. In addition, do not ignore the life-saving exercise on board, but the typhoon or tsunami occurred in the cruise on the most secure, even if the tsunami occurred in the vicinity of no danger, because the sea is in the submarine movement, after landing into a tsunami , The cruise has been away from the outlet, at most eat some waves.


3. The price of the cruise ship is all inclusive, what is included? This is a big mistake, the cruise is definitely not a pass on the pass to eat. The details of the cruise offer will tell you exactly what services are included. Different services, access to services are not the same. The simplest example is that some restaurants on the cruise ship are free for some class guests and some are charged. Often the more advanced the class contains the more free items. When spending on cruise, it is best to ask in advance.


4. 4 couples with children can live double room? Certainly not work. Two adults and one child take a cruise ship, even if the child is only a few months old baby, can not stay double room. Cruise life-saving equipment is capacity-designed, for security reasons, for each room can be accommodated personnel are strictly limited. 2 small 1, you must book accommodation for 3 people, such as triple rooms, family rooms, suites, etc. (subject to specific details of the accommodation). As for the children's fees, the same with the adult price, but like the song of the cruise, the Mediterranean cruise on the children will have free tickets, but the port charges and consumption still need to be received.


5. Cruise travel language barrier? If it is the traditional form of travel, at least there are guided tours, cruise can be completely on their own. But the actual situation is not so worrying, because each cruise will be recruited to master the different language of the staff, so that passengers from different countries can provide the most convenient services. Cruise is a world-class, the service must also be international standards, the ship's service staff from around the world, maybe you can meet fellow.


6. Cruise on the life-saving exercise is only the form, do not participate does not matter? Cruise on the cruise is very important, each passenger is required to participate. In the life-saving exercise, the gold cruise will tell everyone the room where the emergency escape route, the location of the collection and the proper way to wear life jackets. Here to remind you about to participate in life-saving exercise is not a form, is related to their own personal safety and other first-class event, do not ignore.

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