Why Not Try To Go Surfing? - A New Trend Sports.

Why Not Try To Go Surfing? - A New Trend Sports.

Why Not Try To Go Surfing?

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Not marathon and triathlon, you absolutely can not imagine the current male gods favorite fashion sport is surfing, which is called blue opium. From the Japan’s Kimura Takuya, Taiwan's Wang Yangming, Peng Yu Yan, to the British football Golden Boy Beckham, Andrew Garfield, who are surfing’s super enthusiasts, with the International Olympic Organizing Committee announced the surfing into the 2010 Tokyo Olympic Games, surfing gradually attract the public attention. The International Surfers Association also held the World Surfing Championship again this year, which with 245 surfers from 47 countries and regions participating in the competition.

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But you may not think that China has the ability to host such a world-class event, June 8 to June 11, a collection of mainland China, Taiwan, Japan, South Korea, Australia and other surfers Asian level events, passion in Bali (RAST), as the first Asian surfing tournament in China, REnextop is supported by the ASC Asia Surfing Championships, and this year's tournament is the first of its kind in China. A total of 4 stops, the last stop of the tour, will be based on 4 points total score, decided to 4 groups (men short board, women short board, men's long board, women's long board) annual championship.

Bali race events from the local time on June 8 start, and finally in the June 11 election of the first stop of the championship:

Women's long board championship: Jina Kim (Korea)

Women's short board champions: Summa Longbottom (Australia / Indonesia)

Men's long Board Champion: Harley Ingleby (Australia)

Men's short board champion: Rio Waida (Japan / Indonesia)

The contestants have big gods, such as the two WSL world long board surfing champion Harley Ingleby, as well as many young but already in the surfing field show off the head of the rising star, 17-year-old Rio Waida, Japan, Indonesia, 13 years old, won the men's short board championship in this competition, but also known as the next John Florence, and 14-year-old woman short board champion Summa Longbottom, is the "Pirates" challenge 70 feet The waves of the film standback, Big Wave King Dylan Longbottom's daughter.

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REnextop Asia Surfing Tour receives high level Surfer application in the Asia-Pacific region, the Bali race came to an end, surfers from China, for the first time, show the understanding and love of surfing, and won the Asian professional Surfer’s respectful. The World Surf League World Surfing Union WSL has held almost all of the world's high-level surfing events, the CT Tour and the QS Qualifying Tournament, as well as the World Surf League World Surfing Union WSL, for the relatively low development of surfing Asia and Asia Surfer, it is too far away. Japan's JPSA Surfing Association (Japan Professional Surfing Association) as begun to take shape, but only accept the Japanese nationality players to participate.


In the interview, we heard that most people said, "This is my first time to participate in the competition," but the strength of the participants of the Bali station has been very strong, RAST's original is intention to make the Asia Surfing family puzzle completely, holding a World Surfing Competition is nott easy, especially in foreign countries, REnextop as China's extreme sports platform and the extreme movement of China's benchmark, such a Chinese extreme sports company successfully held The Asian Surfing Tour, playing a tonic for the Asian surfing market.


So, why not try to go surfing?

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