Why You Need to Choose Faux Teak Sheet

Why You Need to Choose Faux Teak Sheet

The reason to chose EVA faux teak, the advantage of EVA faux teak compared with other boat flooring.

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We feel obliged to say that faux teak gives the look of real teak without the expense or maintenance. It’s a popular new boat option! Unlike carpeted decks, you can hose the EVA surface off or scrub it with soap and water to keep it looks new. But on the other hand, its real advantage is how it feels underfoot. Not even compared to the real teak, faux teak is more environmental and more valuable.

Installing EVA faux teak sheet yourself is also a ‘peel and stick’ operation without the need to rub off glue or use cement, so it's easier to operate, though you still need to start with a proper model.

To sum up, nothing can be your better choice compared with your boat stick with EVA faux teak sheet.

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